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Name  SADEEM mean Haze, Mist (Fog, Cloud) I found my name mean below link.

All peoples like cloud and fog but here one thing is unique cloud and fog always give you good memories.

Full Name  MALIK SADEEM AWAN born in Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan and living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since 2003 I am working in Retail Company during these years I work on different positions (Scanning Coordinator, Electronics items receivers and Receiving area supervisor) now my designation is Inventory Controller.
Company give me chance to participate in new showrooms opening and many times by aero plane I go local business tour Jeddah, TAIF, ABBAH, MADINAH and KHOBAR free visit to five cities
with business money (on that time one riyal is equal to 15 rupees so 5250 one day business trip) here on thing is important some time I worked on business trip 32 hours without sleeping.

In this blog I will share world gold reserves, Gold Business, Gold products Beautiful unique designs and many more.
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Pakistan poor economy and unsatisfied life reasons.
1) Discussion on Pakistan national level politics why?
2) Watching TV (Dramas, Entertainment programs, movies and poetry too) why?
3) Watching and discussing Cricket matches why?
4) Avoid narrow thinking discussion how?
5) Make your good image in the eyes of your family, relatives, area and city peoples how?
6) Don't follow any politics, PEER BABA, GURU and unauthorized persons why?.
7) Stop complaining and found solutions how?

Which discussion is good for Pakistan nation and Pakistan economy 
1) Always discuss on your national and local interest why?

2) Kashmir and Kashmiri peoples thinking is big problem how?
3) Business improvement and new ideas must travel to different countries to know same
    business how they done and how they handle products on professional way and earn good profit where?.
4) Motivate foreign peoples to travel in Great Pakistan and in your village  how?

Please give me time I will discuss all reasons with examples

1) Discussion on Pakistan national level politics why?

In this time 99% Pakistani nation daily discuss Pakistan national level politics even in the Pakistan or out of Pakistan plus without knowledge giving uncompleted comments and wasting his time. During discussion mostly he/she use this funny sentence “If I am the leader of Pakistan I will bring good rules etc”
Even his own family members don’t like him/her for his bad habits (not praying, smoking, uneducated, liar, non serious in his life, selfishness, outside boy/girl or man/women matters and not wearing decent dress (wear thin & tight cloths his body is visible and open neck or not close dress buttons etc) and not respect to elder & younger’s etc.
One person not convinces his own family members then how you think he/she will able a good politicians of Pakistan. If he/she has ability first bring good changes in his life that I told upper.
Discussion without result is wastage of time. And Pakistan national level politics have no end daily new drama just faces are change.
All politicians are doing business daily he is open his shop (mouth) and start offer to attract (customers) Pakistan nation. Same like city center market if offer is good earning is good.

Please change your discussion topics your discussion must be creative and for this creative plan you not depend on any person. Take start from your house

1) How legal way to increase our monthly income
2) As per weather and season which food is good for your health and family members?
3) Did young generation (your children’s or your brothers or sister) finish his daily 
     school work support him/her. 
4) How many hours daily we spend with our children’s during this period did we 
     listen his problems and did we give him good creative suggestion or not? 
5) Did we have any home business if not then how we start small level home business?
6) Did we have any home activity that his helpful to save our monthly income
7) Did we respect our elder and our elder our giving us respect
8) Did these basic plants mints, lemon, garlic, TULSI, tomato, chili we have in our house if 
     not must try to planted in the house and increase your monthly saving.
If you finished all upper steps then discuss your future plans with your family members still you have remaining time then watch national news  channel and discuss just 10 minutes on Pakistan national level politics in the short word ignore Pakistan politicians as he ignore Pakistan development, economy, culture etc.
At the end try to sleeps and prepares yourself for tomorrow 
Have a nice and sweet dream for you

2) Watching TV (Dramas, Entertainment programs, movies and poetry too) why?

 watching creative and information programs on TV is not bad but watch entertainment, movies and poetry and time wasting programs on TV is bad
              Daily minimum we spend 3 hour watching songs, dramas or movie. Before 40 years same three peoples use in his home work spending time with his pet animals or home base small gardening some people make hand made product in home and participate to increase his monthly saving.
Did we have and home base creative plan?

 3) Watching and discussing Cricket matches why?

Watching each sport should be around three hours but cricket whole day watching cricket is not good
whole day sitting in front of TV and waste your time, waste electric power start betting on match and spoil your business.
end of day one team win but nobody accept the result next one week discussing same cricket match.
 Please stop to old generation who is delivering his stupid cricket thoughts and experience to young generation.
even children are playing cricket in area it's problem for all near houses because when ever they play the shot ball go to houses and disturbing all area peoples.
I request to all old generation and parents strongly stop cricket because if you disturb to others 
ALLAH (swt) will give punishment in future.

Pakistan national sport is hockey please try to promote hockey.
4) Avoid narrow thinking discussion how?

We are Pakistani and always we give our introduction as a Pakistani  don't say I am PunjabiSindhiBalochi and Pathan if any body go deep then tell him your province and city. but at the end you must clear all foreign country peoples we are Pakistani and one nation don't try to divide us in different parts.
Same knowledge give your young generation. when ever he meet other province peoples don't call him province name (PunjabiSindhiBalochi and Pathan). they must meet and call each person how are you Pakistani and cooperate each one as a one nation.

Follow give respect and take respect formula.

5) Make your good image in the eyes of all peoples 
(family, relatives, area and city peoples, your boss, your staff, labors etc) how?

It's a big discussion but I am trying to make it very short. Just watch below videos.

1) Four personality types
2) Six Rules of Effective Communication
3) How to Deal with Difficult People at Work
4) 90 Seconds To Success - Dealing With Difficult People
5) Secrets for Dealing with Difficult People

6) Don't follow any politics, PEER BABA, GURU and unauthorized persons why?.

Listen all peoples but do what your mind and heart told you.
Don't follow politicians peer BABA and GURU before following peoples first do investigation his personal life, his education and character?
if they are politicians did they have education degrees and what is his personal and old character?
if they are peer BABA, GURU did they have cleric education degree and what is his personal and old character?
According to HOLY QURAN that I understand 
In HOLY QURAN ALLAH (SWT) Say take your answer but don't follow your teacher if one generation is good next generation make you non Muslim.

Please listen HOLY QURAN PARA 25 then  you understand I am right
First listen what ALLAH (SWT) is saying you.
As per my suggestion just follow HOLY QURAN because what ever written in HOLY QURAN that come from ALLAH (SWT) side.

daily when you are going in office just fifteen minute if you listen HOLY QURAN with URDU translation ALLAH (SWT) increase your knowledge.

Muslim brothers don't think you know Islam good.
Non Muslim have Islamic knowledge better then you.
 If I write any thing wrong ALLAH (SWT) forgive me INSHALLAH.


Before 40 years many brilliant peoples of Pakistan not wasting his times in politics, TV dramas and movies they save these all times and make his home agriculture or livestock projects and save his monthly income and showing to all peoples it’s my hobby.
Short cut first they give respect humanity second respect his business, cattle’s and plants.
Third important thing those peoples keep one year stock for wheat, rice already chicken, goats are in his house they just buy clothes and shoes form markets.

In this time when you buy all thing milk, egg, meat, clothes, shoes, wheat, rice, sugar at the end you don’t have saving even your salary is more than fifty thousand.

Before 40 year elder support younger and they think it's his duty to give good guide line to young generation but in this time thought are change they think he is helping young generation.
word helping is very bad we help needy peoples and poor peoples but in one house one family say helping word and decrease values it's very bad thinking
I hope good thinking bring good changes but first start from your house.

Enjoy your luxury life with good manners


After reading my points I am sure your cheeks are getting red and in the heart you are abusing me but asked your mind and heart did I write wrong in this time sure both are saying I am wrong but after one day you understand I am right.


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